How God's Will Is at Work in You

In today’s modern world it can be difficult to process all the information necessary to make sound decisions. Knowing God’s will is essential in order for us to head in the right direction when facing the opportunities before us. To know God’s will we must learn to walk in His ways; and when we walk in His ways, we will be in the center of God’s will. This catchy phrase can seem like a cliché; however, it holds the key and unlocks the door to knowing with confidence that God is leading and not lagging. This week’s challenge is to know where God is at work and to see God’s will at work. Several godly factors will move us forward in knowing God’s will for our lives, especially when we deal with opportunities directly in front of us.


Jesus gave us the tenants of knowing the ways of God, written for us in Matthew 5:38-48. To have good eye contact with the persons and personalities confronting us is an art and learned skill. Pay attention to what others say and look into their eyes to see where God wants you to participate in their lives as well. Having true motives is necessary as honesty and integrity will always keep us focused and following God’s will. Lastly, walk the extra mile with people, for when we do so, we will see God’s will a blessing for them and for you.


Are you shy when it comes to dealing with the people in your life? Are your motives pure when seeking to know the will of God for your life? Are you willing to walk the extra mile with someone as you see the will of God in you work? These are necessary ingredients when looking to see God’s will at work. Take a moment and inventory these factors, for they will guide you on the journey of knowing God’s will for your life.